Following on from the successful completion of the phase 1 works, SNJA have been instructed by Millenium Homes to deliver the next two phases of the development, which comprise of offices and apartments.

Phase’s 2 & 3 involve the sub-division of an existing (former) cider warehouse, into an office block fronting the main road (phase 2), and a mixed use building of offices and apartments. A covered central courtyard is then created between the two blocks, to give access to natural light and provide natural ventilation.

The two phases have presented some complex issues in order to comply with building regulations, due to the covered access routes

to the central courtyard and the courtyard itself, in terms of means of escape and fire protection. Working with specialist fire consultants and the local building control partnership, we were able to devise a variety of solutions which have enabled the development to take place. The phase 2 building is nearing completion, with the office space already pre-let, and the phase 3 apartments will be completed in the next couple of months.

Bridge Court, Totnes