SNJA Architects have worked with Hawkstone Properties (Boston) LLP to redevelop their existing retail park in Boston, to increase the available retail offer to the benefit of national retail operators and the local consumer.

Schemes have included a 200% increase to the size of the existing retail unit – a considerable increase for a development in a conservation area, sub-division of existing retail space, and general refurbishment of vacant units.

Planning permission was granted in December 2014 for a two storey extension to an existing single storey retail unit within the terrace of retail/leisure units. The additional retail space is designed to allow the existing tenant to upgrade their smaller format store to s superstore over 2 floors, or further sub- division of the enlarged space to provide additional retail opportunities. Care had to be taken with the design of the extension to ensure that the increased mass of the building did not create problems for neighbouring residential properties, or an unattractive blank façade to a main access route through the town. Working with the local planning authority, we were able to demonstrate that the proposed extension would actually improve the existing situation in terms of the streetscene and impact on neighbouring properties.

SNJA have also worked with the landlord, to sub-divide existing retail space to enhance the offer that already exists on the site, through the provision of A3 use restaurant/café space, with the creation of external seating space and reconfiguration of the customer car parking areas.

Boston Shopping Park